Your 3-Minute Guide to Getting Paid with Payoneer

This interactive guide will walk you through two easy ways to receive payments and two flexible ways to withdraw your funds.

It's actually pretty simple - Enjoy!
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Welcome to Payoneer!

Getting started is so easy

Receive Payments: US and EUR Payment Service

This valuable service allows you to receive payments in USD or EUR from American and European companies – as if you have a bank account there!

Receive Payments: Mass Payout companies

Thousands of companies, including the world's leading freelance, vacation rental and stock photography marketplaces offer their members Payoneer as a recommended payment option.

Withdraw Funds: To Your Local Bank Account

Withdraw funds directly to your local bank account in your local currency

Withdraw Funds: Using Your Prepaid MasterCard

Withdraw your funds at ATMs worldwide or spend online and in-store


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